how to compress size of pdf.

Everything to know about how to compress a pdf for email

Sending and receiving information is very common in today’s life.  As we are advancing in technology and digitizing our world, all the information is sent via different applications or software in the form of documents. These documents are in different forms and file extensions but there are some commonly used file extensions for example PDF.

 PDF is a world-renowned file format that is accessible and used everywhere in the world. In this article, we are going to elaborate on the complete procedure of how to compress size of pdf.

 So if you are a person who is dealing with the continuous sharing of large files.  And it is a problem for you to share these files that have much heavier content.  So this article is a great piece of information for you.  Let’s dig into it without delay for a second.

Sharing PDF documents via e-mail                  

It is a common thing nowadays that we send attachments in an e-mail in order to share information with the required person.  It is a fact that emails were we’re not supposed to be created for the sharing and receiving of documents or large data files.  But now it is used for this purpose largely.

If you have ever tried to send a PDF document via e-mail as an attachment you must be familiar with the complications you face.  Sharing large documents is quite a difficult task via e-mail. However, it is entirely a physical method to send PDF documents wherever you want.  In the next section, you are going to learn how to compress a pdf for email.

Here we have discussed a lot regarding the problem that many people are facing these days. Now it’s time to go throw light on the solution to this every person’s problem.  We have come up with our fabulous tool to compress all your PDF documents.  After using this tool you will be able to send it anywhere you want particularly through e-mail.

In the next section you are going to have a good piece of information regarding the question. how to compress size of pdf through this brilliant tool

  1. The first step is to upload that PDF document that you want to convert for a particular purpose. Here you will see two main options for the uploading of PDF documents. The first one is through your drive and the second one is Dropbox.
  2. Upload the PDF document through any means and once the document is uploaded now you have to choose the option for the compression of here document.
  3. Click on compress the file option and it will start compressing the file size.
  4. Once this procedure And save it in your computer.

This is the complete procedure that you need to follow to compress the file and share it through your e-mail.  Now you know how to compress a pdf for email.  Let’s look up some advantages for the compression of file all documents.

Advantages of reducing file size

Definitely, there are several reasons why you should reduce pdf file size online or PDF documents before sending them to the required person or platform.

The first advantage is you can keep your inbox clean by reducing the size of your documents.  If you do so you will not face any problems regarding storage. 

Another reason and advantage to reducing the size are keeping the security not your computers. In many cases, large files may contain computer viruses that can be a threat to the entire data in your computer.

So it is very clear that you get very good benefits when you limit the size of your document before sharing it. Different applications or platforms demand different ranges for the file size. So if your file size is bigger than 20 it is better to first compress it and then share it via e-mail or any other application.


On the whole, you must be very clear that compressing a file size is a good deed for your PC as well as the other person with whom you are sharing your document.  Also, you know how to compress the size of a pdf with this premium compressing tool. So stop pandering here and there and start using this compressing tool for the best experience.

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